Aich Technologies provides a whole plethora of services in the technology domain to its clients.

We strive to cover all operational issues that our clients are faced with. Therefore we have ensured that we encompass the entire gamut of technology areas that our clients deploy within their business.


Offshore bespoke software development:

We have a full fledged ODC in Pune,India with a large team of developers of highly experienced developers. We specialize in the entire project life cycle of requirements analysis,design,development, testing,deployment and support/maintenance and this helps us develop clients projects from scratch into full blown solutions/products.

Application Maintenance and support

We have been retained by several of our clients to support and maintain their solutions for yearly contracts. This enables our clients to use us as their support team which would be working on support issues 24x7.

Dedicated software developers

We have dedicated teams and engineers working on client products throughout the year thereby augmenting the internal teams of our clients with highly experienced engineers from our ODC.

Project Management

We have highly experienced project managers who enable our clients to delegate all the operational project management headaches on their able shoulders.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We have en entire team of QA/Testing professionals to meet all the stringent quality demands of our clients who want their products to be as robust as possible. We use both manual and automated processes depending on the preference of our clisnts.


Since we have extensive expertise on the SDK's we have been working on over the years we offer technological consulting services to our clients in terms of strategic technical decisions, which they may be seeking in the life cycle of their products.

End to end project execution

We manage the entire product life cycle from inception to deployment and support and maintenance.

Onsite Staff Augmentation

We can augment your engineering teams at your location with out highly skilled and experienced engineers.


We can help you with conceptualization of your products and solutions.


We have a full-fledged UI/UX and design team to work on the visual elements of your project. Therefore the clients can use us as a one stop shop for his entire product.

Product Integration & Enhancement

We enable our clients to redesign, enhance and integrate their legacy products and solutions.

Technology Re-Engineering

We have helped many a client to reengineer their products to meet current market demands.

Business Process Outsourcing

We can also help you with various operational processes within your organization.

Agile development

We understand that the nature of the mobile industry is such that Agigle methodology is the need of the hour and we follow an extreme iterative process so as to enable our clients to innovate on the fly.

Requirements Analysis

Since we are technology experts we use our expertise to gauge the needs of our clients and document them in such a way that helps the client have reference points before and during the project as well as for posthumacy.